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Yacht Management  -  Worldwide 

What is Yacht management?
Simply put, yacht management is the supply of support and

advice to owners which ensures that the yacht is being

maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible

standards. Owners are then free to enjoy their time on board,

safe in the knowledge that every last detail is being taken care of.

The only charter business to

offer you 12 weeks of international

sailing on your yacht or a similar

vessel at our more than

27 locations worldwide.

Management Worldwide

From our home base in Sidney, BC we offer you a Guaranteed Income Program, the Variable Income Program and a Single Payment Program at our more than 35 locations worldwide........

YACHT CHARTER MANAGEMENT: From a yacht owner’s perspective, chartering is the chance to turn an investment in leisure into an opportunity to generate revenue; truly the best decision you can make after purchasing your yacht. Placing your boat into charter service can substantially reduce the cost of ownership, while also enhancing its re-sale value by establishing a favorable reputation in the global charter marketplace.


Sunsail have limited the fleet size at the bases which offer this program and this enables the high standards of personal service for which we are well known and to maximize revenues for each individual yacht owner.


Sunsail understands the importance of taking good care of an expensive vessel. We will not compromise our maintenance standards. Our technical team recognizes that preventative maintenance is paramount and, for each vessel in our fleet, we develop an individual program that ensures that the yacht is well maintained and that charter commitments are met. Our full-time professional staff take pride in their work and are consistently complimented by our yacht owners and charter guests.


Our Advantage variable program is designed for boaters looking for more flexibility and owner's use in a yacht management program. Flexibility means more yacht choices, including an owner's version of any Leopard model, Beneteau sailboats, Beneteau Swift Trawlers, and Jeanneau sailboats. The program also offers unlimited use of your yacht and a choice of bases with destinations in the US, Bahamas, and BVI. Owners receive a percentage of charter revenues to offset operating expenses.


Guaranteed Income Program

With the Guaranteed Income program owners pay the full Sunsail purchase price of the yacht and place her into the Sunsail charter fleet. Each month you receive a fixed guaranteed amount of monthly revenue from Sunsail for the whole of the contract (Regardless of charter activity) Based on traditional financing, this monthly revenue will cover 100% of your monthly boat loan payment.


The duration of this option is either four and a half or five and a half years depending on location. At the end of the program the owner can either take over the management and responsibilities of the yacht, sell her through our brokerage office or ideally, discuss with us the availability of a "trade-in" towards the purchase of a new Sunsail yacht.



Option-to-Purchase Program

With the Option to Purchase program the owner does not receive an income. Instead they pay significantly less for the yacht at the outset. This single payment is 65% of the retail purchase price.


This contract is available with deliveries to Greece, Croatia, Thailand or French Polynesia. In these countries the title of the yacht has to sit locally with Sunsail until the end of the contract, at which time title is then signed over to the owner and the boat belongs to you.


The program length is usually 5 and a half years.


International Yacht Finders Program

Offering services to sell you the award winning range of new Leopard catamarans as your Canadian Dealer direct from our factory we also offer Sunsail Yachts built by BENETEAU & JEANNEAU for our charter program or we will FIND an approved yacht that meets your needs in the international market, deliver it to a destination of your choice and with our full service program, support your yacht ownership needs with maintenance and care services leaving you free to enjoy the time on board, safe in the knowledge that every last detail is being taken care of.

We also offer support that only takes care of your detailing and yacht watch needs after the delivery of your yacht by our sales professionals. You are never on your own with Island Cruising and Coastline Marine.

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