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The right boat for the best price.

That's our goal.



With our parent company, Island Cruising, Ltd,

we have been sourcing yachts for over 30 years.

In that time, we've found that the best deals aren't

always necessarily on our docks, our island,

or even our waters.


More than yacht brokers, we historically have served

as Yacht Finders. The right boat for you, at the best price

can often be found on the international market.


Through our brokerage, our brokerage partnership with

Sunsail and The Moorings, and co-brokerage, you can be sure

that every opportunity will be pursued on your behalf.



Brokerage services and more:


Yacht Sales: Looking to sell your existing yacht? Maybe move into something larger (or smaller)? With an existing database of over 4,000 customers, our sales and marketing team can help.


International Yacht Finders: Helping you find the right boat, at the best price. it's that simple.













Beyond brokerage, Coastline is proud to offer you complete yacht care and maintenance services.

In business since 1982, you know we'll be there for you long after your purchase.


Island Cruising offers smart yacht ownership through our Canadian and Worlwide programs. Our charter management options

make ownership Easy and Affordable with income, professional maintenance, and significant tax savings.



Freedom.   Peace of Mind.   Value.

Contact us today with all your yachting wants and needs.






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