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Competent Crew & Day Skipper

Competent Crew &

Day Skipper




Based in the scenic cruising grounds of the Gulf Islands,

this 5 day, comprehensive course covers boat handling

and safe seamanship practices as well as introducing the

basics of coastal navigation. After departing our base

at Port Sidney you'll spend five days on board a 34 - 40 ft

sailboat, cruising and learning through some of the most

spectacular waters in the world. You'll spend each night

either at anchor under the stars or secured at a cozy marina.


Competent Crew Certified to live aboard a sailing vessel in tidal waters as

Competent Crew. In an emergency, be able to substitute as skipper. Competent to sail a vessel under 30 ft,

where no navigational hazards exist, within 5 miles of safe harbor, during daylight hours only, in light to moderate wind condition


Day Skipper - The holder is certified as the skipper of a live aboard sailing vessel, to be responsible for the safety of his/her vessel and crew, while day sailing in familiar waters, within 10 miles of safe harbor, during daylight, in moderate wind and sea conditions using basic navigational skills..









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